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What’s Under Your Needle? Part 6 – Quilting & Embroidery

April 15, 2020

It’s been about two weeks since we began our stay-at-home adventure, and quilting and embroidery are popular activities. Some are quilting, some are doing embroidery, and some are doing both!

Sarah’s Sewing Room – Quilting for a Cause
Sarah is still busy working for the school, reading stories to students via Zoom, working on her Master’s degree and making quilts.

She has finished a lovely quilt she made to raise money for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Sarah loves to give back and is doing this in memory of her dog who passed a few months back.

Notice that she’s doing all the quilting in-the-hoop using her BERNINA 770 QE Tula Pink Edition. Sarah managed to incorporate quilting AND embroidery. Pretty amazing! She’s raised over $500 and plans to make another one very soon. Stay tuned…

Battenberg Lace In-the-Hoop
Carol Stricker recently shared, “Here are pictures of the fun thing that I have been working on – A Freestanding Battenberg Lace Necklace. I just really liked it and decided to give it a try.” Carol did some experimenting with thread and her Janome 15000 to get exactly what she wanted.

“The lace base is 40wt purple cotton thread – no problem. However, I really wanted to use the lavender holographic thread for the cord looking detail on top of the purple lace…you guessed it…constant thread breaks! But I was determined, and after trying several different things, I discovered the secret. Instead of using the spindle on the thread stand, which would make the thread twist, I just laid the thread in a bowl so the thread would pull off without twisting! BINGO No more problem.”

“The next issue was: “Now what do I have to pin the lace to so that I can rinse it out?” That’s right, it is a pool bodyboard. Worked perfectly!”

Pinned, Trimmed, and Ready
Soak It Off
In the Sun to Dry
“I then let it dry in the sun, un-pinned it when dry, added hot fix AB crystals and a snap closure.”

Hot Fix Crystals
Even Butter Likes It!
“Next step – Try it on! I love it. So does Butter!”

Who’s ready to try this kind of project for themselves?

Kimberbell Mug Rugs

Beth Hoffman made some adorable mug rugs. They are from Kimberbell’s Holiday & Seasonal Mug Rugs, Volume 2 collection and we love them! Beth works magic with her BERNINA 790 Plus Anniversary Edition. She’s all ready for the big game. These too can be considered a quilting and embroidery project, sorta…

What’s Under Your Needle?
We know that people are continuing to make masks. It’s another way for us to stay busy and contribute something to our community.

We just love when people share their projects with us! What is under your needle? Are you doing a little quilting and embroidery? We’d love to know. We’re gathering information for the next post (and, as always, we’ve got great things to share!)

Until then, did you know we’re all over social media? You can find us on Facebook and Instagram as well as Pinterest. We would love for you to follow along!

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